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Smart Chain Team 369 is a knowledge-based group that has started its activities since 2017 and is active in areas such as advertising, blockchain, artificial intelligence, meta-discovery, virtual reality.

Some of our services

Welcome to Collection 369

VR Addvertisment

Virtual Reality Advertising

In this type of advertising, the user encounters a completely visual and real space and looks at each side with a number of product advertisements and brand images directly and indirectly encountered... Click on the image or title for more information.

photographi 360 dagree

360 degree photography and filming

Imagine because the space of the company, factory or store, etc. Show yourself should leave a lot of photos from different angles should know that users do not have the time and the dock to see a large number of photos that here the 360 degree photo will come to your aid and reach your goal with a photo.


Construction of guilds and collections

The world of technology is over, but the 369 will keep you in sync with the technology.
The met are similar to our real world, but virtually and you can meet the product, store, company, etc. Present yourself to the country of purpose and the world.
Every moment is progressing and users are moving more towards it. Be a pioneer with metr.

addver picture

Promotional Photos & Videos

Promotional videos, or so-called teasers and promotional photos, are a kind of highly functional advertisement these days.
To introduce products, companies, stores, etc. On sites, social networks, etc. You must use this type of service.
Professional content is king.

LogoMotion & Advertising Animation

Large collections around the world need a logo to stay in the mind of users, and each logo can be photo-only or presented to users with a specific animation and sound. Logos are fixed for printed items and logometers for video tibilaghats and sites, etc. used.

Design and printing brand notebook (Brandbook)

The goal of any company or business is to grow in your own country or in the world, and for this purpose you should be able to talk to everyone at a loss.
Pictures, logos, colors, etc. This is the responsibility of the collection of these designs, which are designed seamlessly and specifically, brandbook.


You grow rapidly with a web application or application in a decentralized space and benefit from the simultaneous capabilities of the blockchain network and web2.
The capabilities of the blockchain network include security, speed, elimination of staggering taxes, direct communication with the customer without the need for banks, elimination of intermediaries and commissions, receiving instant money, etc. noted .
Soon this need will be mandatory for everyone, as will having tilliage or social media and... It is mandatory.

Setting up a dedicated customer club

In all businesses, including large and small businesses, the services provided are only to satisfy customers, and customer satisfaction leads to credit, revenue, business growth, etc. Will. Therefore, the world's major companies are looking to provide different services and meet their needs in order to better understand the needs of the audience and more in the interaction of the audience and customers with the company, so the best way to know their customers and their needs and to communicate with them is to advertise illustrated with professional strategy and customer club.

Site Design

Nowadays, with the design and implementation of issues such as filtering and closing social networks, understanding the importance of having a site has gone up a lot.
It should be noted that even if the mentioned issues do not come, having a site is very important and mandatory because the site is for any collection such as having an office, doing advertising, marketing, etc. Is. By having a site, you introduce your services to your customers throughout Iran and the world in the best way without very high costs.

Smart Chain Company 369

Why 369?

Why should you use our services?

The human mind attaches words to images so that it can remember that product or anything at the time it needs, and ultimately use it.

Various ads are now done in ways several years ago and have less attractiveness to attract targeted and product-specific customers.

Team 369 using the world's top technologies such as virtual reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. It can put the best picture of your brand and product in the mind of the audience to achieve your high goals.

Some portfolio

The most suitable type of advertising for you

Like an enjoyable drink that you have to choose right to get the right sense and energy, in order to advertise and introduce products, companies, collections or stores, and in general, your brand should also choose the best type of advertising that suits your brand.

Due to the years of experience, you can leave this to 369 collection to provide the best elixir of growth in the form of a package, according to your needs and investment amount, and ensure your growth.

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